Saturday, 1 January 2011

Introducing . . .

I am a first time mum who is new to blogging but I felt I needed an outlet for my inner voice and I wanted to keep a record of my son's early years. I have a a 6 month old son (Grumpinator) and I am on maternity leave from my job as a teacher. I am off for a year and don't expect to go back full time, woo hoo! I sing in a wedding band at weekends, although not at the moment because I am too busy with the wee man.

We call him Grumpinator because his first name is John Connor (as in Terminator) and he can be very grumpy sometimes so the name just stuck. He loves his food and I love taking pictures of him experimenting with different foods. My blog will be a mixture of posts about JC and posts about me and what I have been getting up to.

Enjoy ;)

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