Sunday, 18 January 2015

365 Happy Days 3/52

At the start of the week I was sure that the universe was conspiring against my 365 project when my mobile phone (which is the most convenient way I find to take photos daily) was dropped down the toilet and went to mobile phone heaven. However, I managed a few grainy photos on the old Nokia I am using while my phone gets fixed and it inspired me to take the DSLR out when I probably would've just opted for the camera phone. Here is the run down of the week ...
January 12th 

January 13th 

January 14th 
A photo posted by @grumpinator on
January 15th
A photo posted by @grumpinator on
January 16th 
January 17th 
A photo posted by @grumpinator on
January 18th

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  1. Lovely photos! No, don't cut the little one's curls!! I had a washing machine incident with a mobile a couple of years back and had to buy a cheap PAYG in the interim between contracts - gutted, but I learnt, however, the times I've put my phone in my jeans back pocket, gone to the loo and its nearly slipped and fallen in!!! :)

  2. Love the curls - think you're fine for a bit longer there. I have nearly lost my phone down the loo so many times.

  3. Oh no-it is surprisingly easy to drop it down the toilet. Don't cut off the curls-they are lovely. Beautiful photos, I love the snow one. #Project365

  4. oh no at the phone - but have to wonder why people take them into the bathroom in the first place.

    Aaahhh at the puppy, but they are a huge commitment, so probably a wise move.

    I love tv's on the wall but would want a way to hide all my cables.

    I agree about saving the curls, part of their cuteness.

    commenting on behalf of project 365 as well as myself

  5. I don't think I could have resisted temptation with that cute puppy aww.

  6. I know my daughter takes her phone to the loo with her, granddaughter is as bad, but yes is easy done


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