Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Buddy Blog Day 24: Bye Bye Buddy

Today is Buddy and Holly's  last day. John has been weepy at the thought of them disappearing back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. I'm hoping that the presents distract him.
As a parting gift they have made a special Christmas Eve box. They filled it with new pyjamas, a Christmas film, a photo frame to be filled with a photo of John, Jamie,  Buddy and Holly. There is scattering of golden coins in the box along with candy canes and reindeer dust. The Santa key is also included as we don't have a chimney.
Tomorrow is really the start of Christmas for my family.  My Dad who lives in Czech Republic celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, as is traditional there, with the Christmas meal of carp being served and toys appearing at night time after leaving a window open for baby Jesus to sneak in.
We start our traditions on Christmas Eve  too by visiting grandparents, watching a Christmas film together and going out for dinner. Last year Buddy organised a festive bath for John which he will do again this year (perhaps omitting the green dye and glitter in the water). We also read The Night Before Christmas for the bedtime story.
It has been amazing to witness John's reaction to his elf friends again this year. I hope that this will be a tradition I can keep going as long as he still believes. It's magical.

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