Saturday, 20 December 2014

Buddy Blog Day 20: Walkies

When Buddy arrived last year, our old dog Ruby was his biggest fan. He could often be found in her bed cuddled in under a paw. When John broke the news to Buddy that Ruby had gone to Rainbow Bridge earlier this year, Holly knew just the right tribute that would be perfect for Ruby.
Ruby was a rescue dog but really she was the one who added something to our lives. She was the first shared responsibility my husband and I took on. She was a beautiful soul. Gentle and calm not bouncy like her breed naturally is but in her own way brightened our lives.
Since her passing, Kaiya has refused to sleep in the bed they shared. It's still like new so Holly has suggested that they donate the bed and some other pet supplies like shampoo, treats, poo bags, toy lead and collar to dogs like Ruby, that are looking for that perfect home.
A group of friends set up a charity called Adopt a Boxer Scotland which aims to rehome dogs that have come into their care for numerous different reasons. Some of them come with nothing and they depend on donations and contributions to ensure they start their new lives with the basics. 
After we dropped off the care package we went to visit Santa on his barge. It was a brilliant day and the expressions on their faces in the photos below say it all...

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