Monday, 4 February 2013

Some Days I Hate The World

This is for Matilda x
The blogging community stands together once again in solemn grief.

I was flipping through the photos on Instagram. Smiling at the happy photos of beautiful children and postings of proud mothers. When I saw a post which brought back that same kick in the gut that I had when I found out that Kerry had passed away in December.

Jennie, a lovely genuine person who blogs at Edspire about her 3 beautiful kids, went to feed her 9 month old at 10.30. She found that her Matilda Mae had been taken too soon from this world. Without warning, without reason, just gone.

I hold John Connor closer tonight. I smell his hair and feel the softness of his skin. I squeeze him in an attempt to hold him in an endless moment where I can protect him from this world of unjust tragedy and pain.  I can't imagine the pain the Jennie goes through right now. Reading through the processing of her grief on her twitter feed brings me to tears. Some days I hate the world, and today is one of those days.

As a person who finds strength in blogging but also in music, I leave you with this song which I find comfort in.

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