Saturday, 12 January 2013

Terrible Twos

It's true what they say. Being two is hard work, it's emotionally draining, it's a tough life when you are learning the rules. I'll tell you something though, being two is nothing compared to be the mother of a two year old.

It's been a hard week. I started back work after a fortnights break for Christmas and JC returned to his usual routine. He started off the week by being 'off' with his Granny whom he just decided he was going to give the cold shoulder. He's going through this little phase of being a little indignant and rude. It's totally and utterly embarrassing but I have to give myself regular reality checks and remember that he is only 2. Regardless of age, children can be mean.

His mood followed into the next few days which saw tantrums with his other Gran when he decided he was no longer in the mood for walking anywhere and proceeded to scream and cry in the park until he was carried. The emotional blackmail kicked in during this scenario as he screamed 'I need my Mummy, where is she?' (Ouch, can you feel that tug on the heartstrings?)

He had another meltdown this morning as he attached himself to my leg as I tried to leave the childminders. I ended up being late for work as it took a while to settle him. He's not usually clingy but he likes to pull it out the bag occasionally!

On the flip side, when I went to pick him up from the childminders at lunchtime, he didn't want to leave. He threw a tantrum as I manhandled him out the front door, white knuckles clenched around the door frame as I pried off one finger at a time. He fooled me into letting him walk by himself to the car. As soon as his feet hit the concrete, he was off like a flash down the hill leaving me to chase after him like a woman possessed screeching "Do you want to go on the naughty step?" The twitching of curtains in the street didn't escape me. 'Control your child' I could imagine them muttering with their judgemental overtones. 

It's easier said than done believe me. I grabbed him and lifted him under my arm while his legs and arms flailed around gaining the odd kick to my backside and slap to the chin. After shoehorning him into his car seat, I managed to calm myself and take a deep breath. I climbed into the car and started the engine. With Buzz Lightyear gripped tightly in his hand, he looks him straight in the eye and the little voice says 'I am going to be a good boy now. I don't want to make my Mummy sad, I love my Mummy.

All is forgiven ;)


  1. I remember those times so well Claire.  There were times I really didn't want to take my children out in public - I remember thinking that if I was having trouble liking them then what would other people think?  It is all a part of the process though and no one escapes it however much they may pretend their child would never behave like it.  When they tell you they love you it makes it all worth while :)

  2. Oh God I can so so so relate.  And aren't they STRONG, when they are like that. And don't those kicks HURT!
    Sista, I am with ya.
    Liska xx

  3. Yep! I have bruises from where he has caught me! I'm not believing that your adorable angel face gives you trouble lol xx

  4. Thankfully MC only ever had proper meltdowns at home when she was 2. She had the worst one ever though once. I blogged about it - it was like she was possessed. They really are stubborn little so and so's when they want to be.


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