Friday, 12 October 2012

Fashionably Warm

It's no secret that I am a big fan of this brand. JC reviewed a fleece jacket for Polarn O. Pyret back in April, just before the Baby Show and he is still wearing it! When we were asked to review their winter thermals I was delighted. 

The Upside
I would say these are best for wearing under a snowsuit or as underwear in winter. They are made of soft merino wool and they cleverly retain body heat but wick away moisture from the skin so that your little one remains warm and dry. The material washes really well and barely needs an iron (my favourite selling point!)

JC is really into ice hockey at the moment so to road test them we went to the ice rink. He was really happy wearing them and seemed to find them comfortable. They weren't bulky at all so fitted easily under his jeans and jumper. I checked him a few times by feeling his skin and he was toasty warm but there was no sweating at all. They would be great for wearing under a sports kit. The top hangs a little bit longer at the back to keep the lower back warm and the extra soft seams means no chaffing. It's the thoughtfulness in the design of these clothes which make me love the brand so much. 

The downside 
Well, the price. They retail at £25 each for the top and the trousers which I think is pricey unless your little one is involved in winter sports or maybe if you were going on a skiing holiday you would be prepared to pay more. I know that if you're involved in any outdoor kindergartens, they often required you to buy wool undergarments to keep the kiddies warm in winter.  They are very stretchy are are sized age 2 -4 years so they would last you a few years. So I guess the price is only a downside if your little one wouldn't have a use for them. 

To be honest, you get what you pay for and the quality of the product is evident. I couldn't afford to kit him out in Polarn O. Pyret all year but since reviewing the product in April, I have bought him another fleece in the next size up and a winter jacket. I bought them knowing that I could get them cheaper elsewhere but I was confident that I was getting a really good quality product that would last a long time. I love the philosophy behind this brand because their focus is on designing and manufacturing clothes that children can play in. They are comfortable, durable and the classic look is timeless. I also love that they are a company who consider the social and environmental impact of their business.  

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