Sunday, 29 July 2012

Run! Run! As Fast As You Can!

You can't catch me, I'm the ....

Well I'm not the Gingerbread Man and I'm not much of a runner but I'm still managing to take part in my charity challenge of 5km a day for 100 days. I wrote about the motivation for my challenge a few weeks back, at which point, the 5km a day was for 50 days. I decided to up the challenge after reaching my target of £100 in 2 days!
Just back from a walk together

So gluten for punishment I made it 100 days and I started last Sunday. Tonight was walk number 8 and I've trimmed 10 minutes off my time. I average round the 5km route in about an hour but I have started running  jogging part of the walk, admittedly, it's the down hill parts but we all need to start somewhere!

I've been walking with the dogs and with JC. The dogs are great as the pull me round most of the route but taking JC in the buggy adds an extra dimension of difficulty. At this rate I might have arms like Terminator by the hundredth day.

My walking music of choice this week was recommended to me by my next door neighbour and is 'Now That's What I Call Reggae'. Okay, it's probably a little laid back for this type of challenge but then that's me all over! 

7lbs lost and things are tightening up nicely. Send me positive thoughts this week as I'm going to my Dad's in Czech Republic on holiday this week so avoiding the pivo and forcing myself out walking will be a real challenge.

Laters ;)

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  1. Well done on 7lbs lost - that is superb!
    You sound so upbeat - I love this post.
    Haven't heard from you in ages :-( Miss ya.
    Have a wonderful holiday Mrs.
    Liska xxxxx

  2. Thank love! I am feeling quite upbeat at the moment. I have been so busy even though I've been on holiday for 4 weeks, I've barely had time to get a blog post out so I'm really behind on my reading. I'll pop over to yours for a catch up now though xx

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  4. Why have you stopped blogging m'love? xxxx

  5. I have been super busy with my 5km runs and I have just returned to full time working hours (blog post coming soon!) I have plenty I want to blog about but just no time to actually sit down and write! How's things? xx


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