Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Miracle Growing in My Garden

This is a review post, not a sponsored post. I was provided with a free sample of the product but the opinions are my own. 

When I received an email asking if I would like to review a product that could help clear up the brown spots on my grass, I was delighted! I was sent a sample of Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Dog Spot Repair. 

This was what our grass looked like before.

The Patch Magic is easy to use. You simply clear away the dead grass, rake the ground, water the ground and spread the Miracle-Gro grass seed onto the patch and water again. You continue to water the patch regularly after application. It really is idiot proof.

Well, not exactly.

The first time I left Hubby to do it and he did one patch. He mustn't have done it properly because there was no change at all. I don't think he raked the soil enough and didn't water it first before laying down the seed. In his defence though, it did rain terribly for the few days after application and totally flooded the whole garden. I don't know if this affected it but I won't be telling him that.

This was the result . . .

I tried it again with another patch and I'm happy to report that I did a pretty good job. You can see here from this photo that the grass seed is beginning to grow and hopefully the more I water and cultivate my little patches the fuller they will become!

starting to sprout

Starting to look greener!

I am planning on buying more of this product to treat the rest of the garden. As you can see, I have plenty of patches to work on. I would recommend this product as it is an easy product to use (providing you don't give it to your husband who doesn't read instructions). The product is a reasonable price too, I've seen it being sold from £10 - 12 depending on where you buy it from.

So in a nutshell . . .
The Highs

  • Easy to use, mostly idiot proof
  • Reasonably priced
  • Award winning technology
  • Superior Grass Mix compared to other brands
The Lows
  • My grass seed didn't grow as well as I'd hoped, probably due to weather as well as birds stealing the seeds. 
  • It doesn't say on the pack how long the growing process is likely to take. 

I'd still buy it again and I plan on working on the rest of my 'patches' this summer. Once I have fixed my grass I will need to find a way to protect it from further damage. That might be more difficult!

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