Monday, 5 March 2012

Walking Into The Sun

As I mentioned last week, I have started walking in the morning with the intention of eventually breaking into a jog in the near future! The principles of my new lifestyle are

Drink More Water

Eat Less Junk

Run Walk

These are not innovation principles that I made up myself. They are taken from the book that I have been reading like a bible for the past few weeks.

I was up before dawn again this morning and I stopped a few times to take some photos. I love the way the light changes over the course of my walk. It's like walking into the sun.

The darkness at the start of the walk

Black trees

Here comes the sun

Walking into the sun

This is the light at the end of the walk (an hour later)
I think the dark photo at the start reflects my attitude and emotion at the start of a walk and the light photo at the end reflects how 'light' I feel at the end.

I'm linking this post up to Liska's Inner Truth link up 
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  1. THAT is so beautiful. Like I said it is a practice in meditation as you are walking in the ambroisal hours.
    Your photos are stunning.  I hope you like the new name for our Linky. 
    Very fitting for a lot of us, and very fitting for the 2012 changing times ahead.
    Liska x

  2. OOOooooh and the badge works xx

  3. you and me are on a similar path this year. Am also trying to eat less junk (failing). I am drinking more water, my OH brought me a Bobble and I aim fill it and drink it once a day (it's working).
    I've also starting running. Am justing app on my phone. Found it really good. It's a programme that builds over the week. Start by walking for a bit then running. it's all timed and a woman says cheery encouraging things like "only 15 more seconds of running" and "Well done you are half way through". I need that sort of thing to stop me giving up.
    Good luck

  4. Well done Claire, super work with the walking and how lovely to document it. You could link this up with the Gallery this week as the theme is light.

    Mich x


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