Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cup Eh Tea? - 49/366

We are encouraging JC to drink from an open cup at meal times. This photo was actually taken after dinner when he was asking for more water in his cup. He does this thing where he dips his fingers in the water then sucks them. He does know how to drink from a cup, I think he just likes to wind me up.

I'm loving this new stage with JC where he seems to learn new words and phrases everyday. I plan on recording some of these on my 366 when he does say something worthy of recording.

My wee sound bite from JC today took place in Dunelm Mill when we were in the plates and cups aisle. JC pointed at a row of cups and said, loudly and proudly, "cup eh tea?" I thought this was hilarious. It's the first time he has spontaneously said that without copying us.


  1. Boy read my mind! Love a good cup eh tea!

  2. aww I love when they are at that stage where they start piecing together words and coming out with little phrases :) 

  3. Love it when they start speaking properly - very cute.


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