Thursday, 26 January 2012

Listography - Top 5 Biscuits

Now, I shouldn't really be writing a post like this as someone who is trying to reduce her biscuit intake. Thinking of them just makes me want to eat them. However, I love Listography and I missed taking part last week so I really should do my duty and eat the bloody biscuit   write the post.

1. My number one is most definitely the Chocolate Hob Nob. I'm afraid the average Hob Nob doesn't quite cut it so it has to be smothered in chocolate for me. I love the fact that they now come in these handy travel packs which means I can eat a whole pack of them whilst driving without the packet breaking and crumbs going all over the seat!

2. Followed closely by my second favourite, the Chocolate Caramel Wafer. Not to be confused with the Caramel Log, which I can't stand. A traditionally Scottish biscuit - OK, technically it is a bar but lets not be pedantic about this. If you have it with a cup of tea it's a biscuit.

3. Lotus Caramelised Biscuits - I recently discovered these delicious biscuits and after eating 2 packets to myself, resolved never to buy them again (at least for a few weeks until my willpower caves in). They are truly scrumptious and taste great dipped in tea - don't judge me, you know we all do it!

4. Oreo Cookies are the most moresome of my top five list and again I have to resist buying them. I especially like the 'double stuff' ones you can get now with even more of the delicious filling. I am a little 'OCD' about how I eat them though. I must first separate the two halves, lick the filling clean off both sides, then I eat the biscuits. If I break a biscuit whilst licking the filling then I must start the ritual again until I get it right (this happens a lot). I eat custard creams in a similar manner but I prefer Oreos.

5. Back to Scotland for our last biscuit entry. The humble Shortbread finger. You can't go wrong with a shortbread finger, again dipped in tea. Delicious. My favourite type of shortbread is the 'crumbly, melt in your mouth' kind. I have recently learned how to make my own shortbread much to the delight of my family and friends and much to the disgust of my scales.

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  1. OMG I havent had a caramel wafer in such a long time!! But I do love the hobnobs :)
    Love your new header picture- looks fab!

  2. Mmm all good. I'm addicted to those caramel biscuits. I currently have about 5 a day 'cause they're only little...'

  3. Thank you! It was my favourite photo from last year and I felt that he had outgrown the baby photo. x

  4. Good point! I might need to stock up and lose the guilt then!


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