Sunday, 8 January 2012

Listography - 5 Best Things

Kate has given us a broad idea this week of the 5 'best' things. This leaves it quite open to interpretation so I decided to use the same type of 'bests' as Kate.

Here goes . . .

1. Best Meal
I love my food so this was difficult but I think my favourite meal of all time was a pizza in Venice. When I was backpacking I ate a lot of pizza and the Italians (quite rightly) know how to make the best pizzas. But it was probably less about the food and more about the company, the wine and of course the surroundings. One of my best friends and I were on a floating restaurant on the outskirts of Venice drinking red wine and eating a fabulous Quattro Formaggi. Music playing and gondolas floating in the distance. I remember thinking 'this is the best meal ever'.

2. Best Friend
I have lots of really good friends so I am very lucky so I will tell you about my oldest (not in age but as in the friends I've known the longest). Our Mums grew up together and practically lived in each others houses and are still the best of friends today (they live across the road from one another). My 'auntie' Beth had three daughters and I am close to all of them. Leanne (the eldest) has always looked after me and treated me just like her little sister. Michelle (the middle sister) was bridesmaid at my wedding and is closest in age to me. We were always together when we were school aged and we used to have loads of sleepovers together watching scary films and eating junk. She has never forgiven me for telling my mum that she had finished the jar of peanut butter that was found under my bed. She hates the stuff! Then there's The Bairn. She is all grown up and has a wee baby of her own now but Erin (the youngest) has always been 'The Bairn' to me. I hope to see more of my 'cousins' now that I'm living nearer to them. We all now have children of our own and it's likely that Leanne's wee girl Freya and JC will go to the same school to start the 3rd generation of friendship.

3. Best Blog Post
I have no idea on this one but from my stats it looks like THIS ONE is the most popular.

This is actually St Lucia not Dom Rep
but we didn't have a digital camera then!
4. Best Place I've Ever Been
This is a toughie. I have travelled a lot! I think that the holiday I have most enjoyed was the holiday we took to Dominican Republic. It was a beautiful place, the food was amazing and we got engaged on that holiday. It will always be a special place for me.

5. Best iPhone App
Like Kate, I too am a lover of the Instagram app. My most used app would be Facebook because I am never off it. Having Facebook on my phone is just too easy for me so I have become slightly addicted to it.



  1. It must be wonderful to be have travelled so much, I never got the chance, not sure i could with the children stress and all! And you are very lucky to have such a lovely circle of friends. Lovely post X

  2. Love the one about multi-generational friendship.  Wow - very impressive and must be great

  3. I am very lucky to have travelled so much. My Dad worked away a lot but but as result I got to visit some amazing places. I then got the travel bug in my late teens and did some backpacking. I went to Florida with the wee man and I have to agree with you that children on holiday totally changes the dynamic! I still loved it but it was really stressful!

  4. We are so much like family that I forget we are actually not related! It is lovely to have them as up until recently I was an only child so it wasn't so lonely with them around. x

  5. I have to agree love Facebook

  6. good list - am also a FB addict. Dominican Republic and pizza in Venice are very fab choices.

  7. I can't wait to take JC to far flung destinations, I hope I can inspire the traveller in him!

  8. Lovely list! A lovely one about friendship, this one seems to have come up a lot on peoples' lists. I am extremely lucky to have lots of friends, though I am a little sad I have no-one I could call my 'best friend/s'. You/they are very lucky xx

  9. That meal sounds absolutely perfect. As does backpacking around Italy. x

  10. it has only took u 20 years 2 admit that it was u that ate the peanut butter yuk yuk lol x


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