Friday, 13 January 2012

A Productive Week - R2BC

It's that time of the week when I tell you what I'm doing cartwheels about or what I am mildly amused by. So what am I cheerful about this week?

1 - It's been a productive week. I've managed to get all my school work done for next week before actually leaving work on Wednesday (which must be a first!) I also managed to get my housework done today so that I can enjoy my weekend without the pressure of chores! So I am really pleased that my time management plan is paying off. 

2 - I went to a new soft play centre today with my Friend and her son (who is a similar age to JC). We all had great fun and it was lovely to watch JC charging around the soft play. He is such an active boy and he loves climbing so it really was a perfect place for him. We also spent a good deal of time outside in the garden today (the first time he has been in the new garden) and it was refreshing to get outside for change. 

3 - Today is the first day, since the Christmas period began, that I have not eaten any junk. I am feeling the withdrawal effects already but I am very proud of my willpower. I know that a few days 'detox' will make me feel 10x better. Once the taste of chocolate leaves my memory it won't have the same hold over me!

Hope you have all had a good week. I would like to welcome all the new readers who have been popping by over the past few weeks. It's been lovely reading all your comments and getting to know so new fabulous bloggers. 

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  1. Helo lovely, sorry I am so late. I hope you kept up with the detox, you are right a few days of withdrawal symptoms makes the world of differemce - right note that Mich!  Sounds like it was a great week, I hope that continued.  Mich x


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