Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Make a House a Home

Disclaimer - this is a sponsored post but that doesn't mean it isn't interesting to read!

We moved into our new house on Friday and we have already starting thinking about ways to personalise the new house. Although our new house is move in condition and nicely decorated, we still have loads of ideas and would probably need to consider whether we can afford a loan to fulfil all our ambitions for the place. The biggest issue for us is the extra rooms as we will need more furniture to fill them so that the house doesn’t look like an empty shell.

What I have realised is that that I really want my new house to feel homely. The house we have just moved from was nice but I have purposely didn't put my mark on it too much as I guess I have always felt that it was simply a stop gap. We didn't let ourselves get too comfortable as we always knew that another move was imminent.

I’m really excited about taking my time over making this new house my home and I am trying to restrain myself from jumping in at the deep end. I intend on taking my time to think carefully about each room, planning out it’s space and function, considering the colour schemes and giving myself the permission to make it ours. Watch this space!

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