Sunday, 12 June 2011

8/365 - Family Resemblance

Lots of people we know will look at JC and instantly say that he is the double of his Dad. I myself have thought that I don't see much of myself in him and that he looks much more like his Dad. However, my mum thought it would be funny to scan some of my baby photos and post them on Facebook this week. When I was looking through them I saw, for the first time, the similarities between my baby photos and JC's.
Have a look for yourself . . .

We have similar chubby cheeks, button nose, dark blue eyes and a cheeky grin.
Hubby saw more of JC in this photo.

So I guess there is more of me in him than I thought. He certainly has my stubborn streak and his Dad's huffy streak!

Mummy's Boy

Daddy's Boy


  1. Lets not forget your huffy streak too

  2. Sarah MacFarlane12 June 2011 at 21:25

    So cute, and he looks very cheeky!

  3. He does look like you. I want to do a post exactly like that now :-) x


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