Wednesday, 15 June 2011

11/365 Keeping My Head Above Water

Phew . . . I have managed to back blog my last 2 365 post which totally defeats the purpose! I have just been so incredibly busy.

Image from waterbabies
It has been an exciting day for me today as I achieved something really important to me today. I am not a very confident swimmer and to say I am scared of my head going near the water is an understatement! I have been taking JC to WaterBabies swimming lessons for 8 weeks now and his underwater swimming is really good. They teach babies and toddlers to swim underwater without the use of floatation devices. I love their structured approach and I have seen such a dramatic improvement in JC's tolerance of water on his face, even in the bath. All the babies in his class have gotten so good that when the swimming teacher brought out the goggles for the parents so that we could go underwater to watch them, the other parents were so excited whilst I was terrified.

I didn't want to say anything about being scared of the water, as I didn't want to seem pathetic. So I donned the goggles and mustered up the inner strength to go underwater to see my wee babe swimming. It was absolutely amazing! I was so proud of him. He had his eyes wide open and was kicking towards me. I was so glad that I did it and I can't wait to do it again. I have an underwater photography session with him to look forward to in 2 weeks time so hopefully I will get a decent shot of him. It is simply amazing!

He also went for his first hair cut today. My hubby's cousin is a hairdresser so she cut it for him. I asked her to keep his wee curls at the back because I couldn't bear to cut them off!

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