Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Best Things in Life are Free

Sorry it's late! I've been so busy the past few days that I haven't had time to write this post.

Listography this week is Simple Pleasures. The small things that brighten my day and give me a feeling of contentment and happiness.

1. Belly Laughs - I really enjoyed being in the company of people who make me laugh so much that my sides ache, I can't catch my breath and I resort to snorting. I am well known for getting the giggles especially in the loo after a few wines.

2. Snuggles - You can't beat a good snuggle. My favourite snuggling companion is my dog Kaiya. She smells like buttered popcorn and she always makes me feel loved. She is my best friend.

3. The Sound of Water - I've always like the sound of the sea and running water. I find it naturally relaxing. I focussed on this when I was in labour and I was all Zen like.

4. Untouched Snow - My favourite landscape. I love the snow but I hate being the first person to ruin it by walking on it. Usually my four legged babies get there first as they love it even more than I do!

5. The Smell of Books - I nearly dragged my sister Kate into a bookshop in Edinburgh because I could smell them from outside the door. It's a weird fascination but I make no apologies for it. There is something about the smell of a book that takes my imagination on a journey. Where has this book been, who has touched it, how many readers have loved it and where will it take me? I was reluctant to get a kindle for this very reason but although I now love my Kindle, it will never replace my love of a 'real' book.


  1. oh yes! the sound of water; I love that too. Water is definitely the element that brings me back into balance. Thanks for a great list!

  2. Love that picture of your 'baby' on your lap!! Books - I get that, esp. old musty books.

  3. Love the smell of books. Kindles are fantastic for travel (apparently) but they can never replace a book in the hand.

    I love your dog.

  4. Love that picture of your 'baby' on your lap!! Books - I get that, esp. old musty books.


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