Saturday, 26 March 2011

Boys and their Toys

Well it's been a while since I wrote a proper post about JC and I guess that is a bit lazy so I thought I'd kick my butt into gear.

It's been a busy few weeks and it seems like he has changed so much. He is like a proper wee boy now rather than a baby. It's a lovely stage because he is sitting up on his own and can occupy himself with his toys for quite a long time. I just love watching him touching and feeling all the toys, having a wee chew on it and then chucking it away. I have put together some treasure baskets for him. When I was first told about these baskets I did think 'that's a bit new agey' but having seen him interact with them, I'm sold.
Netmums describes Treasure Baskets as  'a means of teaching young babies how to select, touch, taste and feel. It's a refreshingly simple idea but one that seemingly works to delight and inspire little eyes, ears and mouths - enriching their experience of objects around them and helping them to gain confidence in making decisions. The Montessori teaching method is largely based on learning through touch, taste and sound and has proven that children can really benefit from learning in this way.'

One of his baskets is simply a plastic basket with some noisy toys, scarves, a spoons, a knitted ball etc. I have tried not to put too many plastic items in it.

 His other 'baskets' are actually a linen bags filled with objects. One bag is full of objects that are wooden or made from natural materials. It has things in it like acorns, wooden spoon, rolling pin and pastry brush. The other bag has shiny objects like a mirror, space blanket, mental slinky and a little glittery box.

I have to admit I did actually buy the bagged ones already made from Ebay from a shop called Treasured Collections. You could put together these baskets yourself but it was easier than buying individual items and the selection and quality is really good. You do need to watch them playing with these baskets as some of the items are not toys and mouthing the contents is part of the fun.

He loves exploring each object in detail, picking it up and staring at it before shoving it in his mouth. They also attract the dog's attention, JC is trying to fit Kaiya into his mouth here but is finding that she is far to big!

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