Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Week of Firsts!

Well it was rolling over yesterday and today it is sitting up unsupported. I snapped this quickly after he had been sitting like this for a few minutes. Seconds after taking the picture he fell over. He seems to have made so much progress in the last week. He seems so much more controlled in his movements. Even his eating has improved. I have always done a bit of a mixture of purée and finger foods because he was only 4 and a half months when we started weaning (as advised by our health visitor and GP). He got used to eating purées and I didn't want to just stop so we have had a gradual move away from them as he has approached 6 months (which he will be next Friday!) This has been the right approach for us. I feel we have achieved a balance between the typical weaning (the likes of Annabel Karmel) and the more innovative approach of baby led weaning (the likes of Gill Rapley). I can see flaws in both approaches and benefits of both. I think that each parent has to look to their own child for guidance. They are all so different and it's not a one size fits all kinda deal. I am now starting to learn this and as a result, relax.

I really like this article that I found online. Obviously I have chosen to jump on the bandwagon but read this article to the end, I think it captures how I feel about parenting.

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