Sunday, 27 February 2011

New Recipe Blog

I was planning on adding some recipes that I love to cook on this blog but I like to keep my thoughts compartmentalised! So if you are interested in meals to cook for the family and would like some inspiration then please follow my brand spanking new blog - Mealtimes with the McLeans

I will be adding family meal recipes as well as home baking recipes. I am no super chef! In fact, until a few years ago, I had never cooked anything that didn't come out of a jar! I found that the best way to learn was to share ideas and recipes with my friends and family. I now have a good repertoire of meals and my baking is really improving, if I do say so myself! The best thing is that I am really enjoying cooking and eating well.

There is a contact page on the recipe blog and I would love for you to contact me with any recipes that you love that I can try out and add on my blog. I will of course give you credit and a link back to your blog (if you have one).

Happy Cooking!

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