Saturday, 22 January 2011

Lasagne Aftermath and the Long Arm of the Law

JC was feeling much better today. Had an OK sleep last night, only woke up at 4am then back down until 6.30am. He had some chick pea and red pepper lasagne which he practically inhaled! This photo is the aftermath of lunch.

We had a disastrous morning after a case of mistaken identity by Central Scotland Police accused my husband of being a wife beater and us both of being neglectful parents! They turned up at our door at 9am asking questions about the state of our marriage, stating that they had received a complaint from a neighbour. Apparently we had been up all night screaming at each other while our baby cried constantly. This wasn't true of course and the police had in fact got the wrong address. Well, it was the correct address but the wrong village! It was a really horrible experience but we have been able to laugh about as the day has gone on.

What a day! If I wasn't breastfeeding I'd be away for a G&T or a nice glass of vino right now!


  1. If you touch any alcohol I will beat your ass woman! Lol - we all know its likely to be the other way round.


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