Friday, 28 January 2011

Avocado Beard

The latest craze is avocado and banana. He love the two of them mixed together like a mash. Lots of nom nom sounds.

He had another big milestone tonight. Normally I hand him his food and if if wants it, he eats it and if he doesn't he just drops it on the floor. Tonight, I was eating pasta and he was having some broccoli, potato and courgette. He kept eyeing up my bowl of pasta so I put a few bits on his tray. (We have started using the Bumbo to feed him in as he sits straighter in it even though he isn't really keen on it). He still didn't touch the pasta, still had his eye on my bowl. Next thing I knew he had his hands in my bowl of pasta (oh so hygienic!) and he grabbed a piece and shoved it straight in his mouth. He then decided he would try the pasta on his tray. This is the first time he has actively grabbed food himself AND successfully got it into his mouth. I can't believe that he has only been eating for a few weeks. He has made so much progress and is so adventurous. I am a very proud mummy!

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