Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Buddy Blog Day 10: Food for Thought

Sometimes I wonder how much of the donation type of kindness is completely lost on John. At 4 years old, thankfully, he can't comprehend a world where children don't get Christmas presents, where babies don't have toys, where families have to choose between heating their homes or eating and where people without homes sleep in doorways.

When he woke up this morning to find to his disappointment that Buddy had greedily eaten his advent he was overjoyed to find that Holly had left him some soup and jelly. 'How random' he must've thought!

He had already opened the jelly and was tucking in by the time I made it downstairs frantically asking him to stop and wait until I read the note. When I read that this food was for the Foodbank, for people who don't have enough food, he stopped eating immediately and said "they can have the rest, I prefer the strawberry anyway." Bless his heart.

My concerns over his understanding of giving in a charitable way are possibly unfounded as he eloquently explained to his Dad as soon as he entered the room that the tins were not for him but for other people at the Foodbank.  He seemed worried that his Dad might scoff a whole tin of vegetable soup for breakfast before finding out that it wasn't ours.

Holly also left some coins to buy more tins so we will be taking a trip out on Friday to fill a bag with tins and packets that the foodbank have requested on their website. We have also appealed on facebook for any donations that others may have for us to collect. I hope that this is the start of John's realisation that the world is bigger than him. Not to strip him of his innocence but to teach him about inequality,  to encourage compassion and to support him to feel that he can make a difference in the world.


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