Friday, 2 August 2013

Rewards for Talking - My Kind of Incentive!

It's a bit of a running a joke in our house about the amount of time I spend talking on the phone, especially to my mum. It's often got to the point where we have had to hang up and change phones because our batteries are running low. So when I heard that the new mobile phone service by Sainsbury's is offering Nectar points for bundles bought it made me think that I should investigate this.

Typically I use my phone mostly for social networking, photos and text messaging through the day and I use my phone for making calls in the evening once JC is bed. Sainsbury's surveyed other Mums to see how they use their phones and it seems that I am pretty much the norm...

In launching Mobile by Sainsbury's they are creating a competitive platform for pay as you go customers. They are offering double nectar points on all food and fuel purchases when the Mobile bundle is matched to their Nectar card number. They have worked out that if a family of 4 switch to the £10 bundle, link up their Nectar account and spend the UK weekly average on food and fuel, they will earn back an amazing £180 a year in points. These points can be redeemed and spent in a number of ways ...

So to celebrate this new service, I have a £10 Sainsbury's giftcard to giveaway. To take part simply leave a comment on this post, my Facebook page or my Google + page telling me what you would spend £180 of Nectar points on. The giveaway closes on 08/08/13 at 8pm and the winner will be chosen at random and displayed by 8.30pm. Good Luck!!

This is not a sponsored post - all writing and opinions are my own. I was given giftcards to giveaway as part of this promotion. 


  1. I'd do the most enormous stock-up-for-the-apocalypse, freezer and cupboard filling food shop ever!

    Lisa @

  2. Well...... I would have spent it on new house phones as the batteries on the old ones were severely depleted due to excessive usage but I've just bought new ones which I'm sure you'll agree last a lot longer. Love 'your mum' x

    PS - think I will look into this deal though :o)

  3. I would buy some flowers for my wife; some chocolates for my wife; a nice romantic DVD for her too. Then I'd buy myself a couple of Xbox games and some treats for a good gaming night x

  4. Thanks to everyone who took part! The winner chosen at random (via was Stacey Gell who was a Facebook entrant.


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