Friday, 21 June 2013

Life is for the Living

Don't you cry for lost, 
Smile for the living, 
Get what need and give what you're given.
Life's for the living, so live it
Or you're better of dead. 
Mike Rosenberg

It's a true enough saying that if you wait for someone else to make you happy that you will always be miserable. I feel like this rings true for me. Last week I wrote about how I had been a bit of a moaner lately. It's not that I'm imagining it, things have crappy and it can bring you down. However, I think that sometimes we get bogged down in the future worries and the past regrets to the point that we fail to enjoy and live in the moment. 

I have been practising yoga over the past few months which I am enjoying immensely. One of the aspects that I like about yoga is the concept of being in the moment. It must be an enlightening experience to be able to 'just be'. I find during meditation that my mind wanders. It fluctuates between what has gone, the endless replaying of the day and the what is still to be, the worries and anxieties of things that haven't even happened yet. I aspire towards the quiet mind that can focus on the here and now.

I spend a great proportion of my time dwelling on things. I'm a big thinker. I mull things over and churn them around in my mind until they are mush. I guess maybe I should try to think less. I expend a lot of energy thinking and planning and not a great deal of my time or energy in the actual 'doing' phase. I guess you could say I procrastinate. I would like to change this about myself. 

I don't want to spend time dwelling over the losses. I want to appreciate the joy in what I have. I don't just want to have ideas and think things through I want to seize the moment and actually follow through. I do not want to depend on or look to others to fulfil me or make me happy. I'm trying to be more present. YOLO and all that jazz. 

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