Sunday, 22 July 2012

Dairy Delights

Grumpinator has been a little fussy with his food recently. It's not that he won't eat, it's just that being nearly two years old, he has decided which foods he prefers and equally which foods he really doesn't like.

Yoghurt has always been a firm favourite in our house though, even through the fussy times. He doesn't really care what flavours they come in either. He can open the fridge himself now and the first thing he reaches for is the yoghurt! Luckily, he hasn't worked out how to take the lids off himself yet because that could be messy!

We had a playdate with one of Grumpinator's little friends this week. Her name is Ella, which is really quite apt because I have a selection of Ella's Kitchen dairy products to review. So I enlisted the taste buds of both Ella and Grumpinator for the taste test. As a brand, I love Ella's Kitchen. It's a brand you know you can trust to produce food using the best quality organic  ingredients, in interesting flavours and in a size perfect for little tummies. Although I am in the Baby Led Weaning camp, I did use Ella's Kitchen fruit and food pouches to complement my meals and I still use them when we travel.

The Products

Fromage Frais - Mango and Banana
£1.89 for 6 pots
These ones were a big hit with JC he loved them! They had a really thick and creamy texture. They were a nice portion size, perfect for lunch or an after dinner dessert. He actually ate three in one sitting so I think these ones were his favourites!

Yoghurt - Pineapple and Mango, Strawberry and pear
£1.79 for 4 pots
Strangely, despite his love of Yoghurt, he hates milk. He drinks soya milk but doesn't like whole milk. These are made with 100% whole milk, real fruit puree and some honey to sweeten. JC loved them, especially the strawberry one. They are a little bit bigger than the fromage frais which suits JC better as he is a big eater. I had a taste of the pineapple and mango one and I thought it tasted really scrummy.

Rice Pudding - with a hint of vanilla
£1.09 for 2 pots
JC is not a huge rice pudding fan. I don't think he likes the texture of it. So I asked two of JC's little friends to try it, Ella and Callum.

Ella tried a couple of spoonfuls but wouldn't finish it. She said she didn't like it. Callum took a spoonful but didn't appear to like it either. Both myself and the mums had a taste and we all agreed that it was a little too bland for our wee ones. I think that it would be perfect for a baby who has just recently started weaning. I think because our little ones are 2+ their taste buds are more developed and they prefer stronger flavours.  Adding a spoonful of honey or jam to the rice would probably be best for older children.

Overall, the diary products went down a storm. I will certainly buy the fromage frais and the yoghurt again. These products are available from Tesco, Ocado or Waitrose stores.

I received these products free to review but this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own! 


  1. Aaron used to eat 2 x yoghurts every day and like JC he used to take them out of the fridge himself and I would take the lids off and give him a spoon.  Now he won't eat yoghurt no matter what I do - he digs in the spoon, touches it to his lips and changes his mind.
    Yoghurt is off his menu now - for some unknown reason :-(
    Liska x

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