Sunday, 20 May 2012

Woodland Wonder - 140/366

We went to an open day today for a Nursery we were thinking of enrolling JC in next year. It's a fully outdoor nursery, yes even in the rain! I planned on sending him here one day a week as I think it would be something he would really enjoy.

After my visit today I am still not sure if it's the right choice for us but luckily, he's not even two yet so I have plenty of time to decide.

I loved watching him explore the woods today.
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  1. Go for it, it's just fab. I didn't find my daughter more tired after a day in teh woods than after a day indoors, but less issues with other kids. As regards to the weather - it's rarely extreme in Scotland (they do forest schools in climates where it's colder and hotter, and the rain in Scotland is usually soft rather than continuously heavy). Also in the woods it's more sheltered so it's not actually as bad as one thinks on wet and windy days! It does wonders for social development, physical development and risk assessment, as well as being fun and simply having space that kids wouldn't have indoors!


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