Friday, 11 May 2012

Driving Me Round The Bend - 131/366

He's driving me potty! If he's not slapping an innocent child in the face he's tantrumming on the floor because he doesn't want to do or go where I want him to. It's embarrassing and everyone has an opinion. Most opinions surrounding me are that I'm too soft, he's spoilt, he gets away with murder, 'if he was mine, I'd sort him' yeah yeah, whatever.

He is becoming quite anti social at the moment. In that he shows affection by hitting or biting (although the biting is reserved only for me). I have no idea how to handle this behaviour because he thinks it's hilarious. He's too young to understand a telling off or a timeout. Hitting him back has been suggested by some advice givers but the idea of performing a behaviour on him that is exactly the one I am trying to teach him is wrong seems silly to me.

I think the nearer he gets to two the more understanding he'll have of consequences.

This photo is of him in the car refusing to come out...

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