Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Empty Hutch - 110/366

I blogged last Friday about my new bunny that I bought on my birthday. Blue grey in colour and a super temperament. We were having trouble choosing a name but decided on Tuesday to settle for Rabbie. This is what JC had been shouting when he wanted to go see him. We brought him in for a while on Tuesday and he had a ball running round the house.

I went out to feed him on Wednesday before work. When I walked in I crouched down to look in. He wasn't sitting by his food dish where he always sits.

Through the doorway into his bed I could see his ears poking through. I knew then that he was gone. It was such an unnatural position and I felt uneasy lifting off the lid. He was lying down on his side, he looked peaceful. I rattled the cage just in case. I half expected him to jump up with a shock but he didn't. He was dead.

I've never seen anything dead before even though I've had pets all my life, it was always my parents who found them or dealt with their death. I know that some people may find this pathetic but it felt very traumatic to me. To find an animal dead where you had placed it alive and alert less than 12 hours prior is pretty upsetting.

We don't know yet why he died but he did. All we are left with is a couple of photos and an empty hutch.

RIP Rabbie!


  1. Oh that's such a shame. Poor wee thing. And poor you! It's an awful thing to discover.

    Was the hutch outside? It happened to a friend whose rabbit wasnt attacked by foxes but they literally scared it to death :o( so sad.

    Hope you are ok.

    1. He was inside a hutch was was inside our hut so I don't think it was a fox but I've heard that's common! In feeling better about it all today x

  2. Oh Claire, I'm so sorry.  What a horrible thing to happen.  Sometime it just does though and there is no apparent reason. xx

  3. how awful, might have had something when you got him. ( please dont go look at my pic of the day or it may start you off again)

  4. oh no, such a shame. Rest peacefully ickle bunny x

  5. Oh lovely, I'm so sorry, how terribly upsetting for you. Pets can make such an impact in such a short space of time, huge sympathies.


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