Monday, 9 April 2012

Cluny Clays Adventure Playground - Family Fun!

We went to the summer opening event of their adventure playground at Cluny Clays Activity and Conference Centre.   (This isn't a sponsored post by the way, just sharing the love).  It was a lovely sunny day (even though it was forecast for snow). We had the most fantastic time and we were pleasantly surprised by the range of activities available. What was even more impressive was the price - it was free for the adults to get in and JC was also free as he is under 2 (these may have been promotional prices though so best to check their website before you go for the most up to date information on pricing).

Cluny Clays has lots to offer from a 9 hole golf course and putting green to clay pigeon shooting but we were really going for the new adventure playground. JC loves running around outside so we thought that this would be the perfect place to let him burn up some energy.

There was lots of natural climbing opportunities like fallen trees and hay stacks. They had built a really nice climbing area for children that are older than JC.

JC loved the bouncing pillow.

He was like a little Tigger bouncing around on the trampoline.

There was a track and trikes which JC was a little too small for but he managed fine with a push from his Dad.

There is a den area hidden in the trees which I particularly liked, it was like a secret garden!

JC really enjoyed running around in the large open space, kicking the balls that were lying around this area.

I'm not quite sure who had more fun on the zip slide - father or son?

We had to rush away for lunch but they have a lovely cafe which looked like a great place to relax. Overall it was a great day out and I can't wait to go back! 

I had to add this video of JC dancing in the middle of the park to the music they were playing. He's such a little mover!

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  1. I can't believe all that was free! Thanks for sharing, If we lived near by then I would certainly be taking all mine for a visit. JC dancing there is so lost in his own world and all that space around him. Thanks so much for linking this up to Country Kids

  2. That looks fantastic! I wish we were closer as decent outdoor play areas seem to be a rare thing


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