Thursday, 26 April 2012

Clothes Built For Play

We are heading off to the Scottish Baby and Toddler Show this weekend. If you live in Scotland and you and have a baby or toddler, I would highly recommend that you go along this weekend (Thursday - Sunday at the SECC). I go every year as I like to see the latest gadgets and quirky baby products. I have picked up quite a few bargains and also few life saving products like JC's Taggie Comforter.

I was invited along to a Blogger's Breakfast with some other Glasgow based mummy bloggers to get a first look at some of the exciting products featuring at the show this year. The product that JC and I were given to review was a lovely fleece jacket by Polarn O. Pyret.

To be honest I hadn't heard of this company but when I went to browse their website I did recognise their signature stripy look of their classic outfits. The ethos of the company is to design and manufacture clothing that children can play in, that is comfortable and that lasts. Here is a slideshow of JC wearing his jacket

I was given the fleece jacket to review but this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

Polarn O. Pyret is a Swedish company with an environmental conscience. They have an impressive range of clothing made from organic materials.

So what did I make of the jacket?

It's doesn't actually matter what I think. JC loved it. He wouldn't take it off. He is an adventurous boy who loves the outdoors so this type of clothing suits him perfectly. He is always running around at 100 mph and needs a jacket that isn't going to restrict his movement or make him overheat. Equally though, he needs a layer of protection from the wind and rain which, in Scotland, is inevitable.

The Plus Points 

  • windproof and water resistant
  • breathable but warm
  • lint free - washes beautifully and apparently it won't 'bobble' so it can be reworn or passed on and still looks great!
  • Reflective Strips on the front and back - useful in winter when it is quite often dark during the day
  • Chin protector - it can be zipped right up without causing irritation
  • Thumb holes on the cuffs - these are great for holding the arms in place if slipping a coat on over the top or to keep little hands warm on a breezy day. They can also be rolled back easily if you find they are too long. 
  • Poppers - there are little poppers inside the zip lining which allows the fleece to be attached to one of the Polarn O. Pyret waterproof jackets. I think this is a great idea as you don't then need to try and squeeze a jacket over a thick jumper on a really cold day. 
  • Ease of movement - I liked that JC seemed really comfortable in it and he could still run around and climb over things wearing it. 
  • Easy to wash - It washes on a 40c wash and can be tumble dried. 
The Downside
  • The Price - it retails at £39 which I think is a little pricey for most people. 
Overall I loved this jacket, JC loved this jacket and a few random people asked me where I bought it when he was wearing it out and about. I love the brand and what it stands for and I will definitely buy from them in the future. I think that £39 is a little expensive for a fleece jacket but I think the quality of the product speaks for itself. It would be worth spending a little more (especially when they are older and don't fly through the sizes quite so quickly) for something that is better quality and can be passed on to other siblings. 


  1. Thumbholes sound like a great idea.  But do agree the price however great the product is steep for children's wear.  That's more than i'd probably spend on a fleece for myself in this era of sales/offers!

  2. I like the idea that it won't bobble - there's nothing worse than a fleece that gets all horrible and bobbly looking. Bit pricey though considering kids grow so fast so won't be in it long :(


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