Thursday, 29 March 2012

Super Snacks For Toddlers On The Go!

JC can have sudden hunger pangs when we are out and about so snacks that are easy to carry around in his change bag are a must. His latest favourite are these Nibbly Fingers from Ella's Kitchen.

His favourite flavour is the banana and raisins one. He had been eating these for a while when Ella's Kitchen contacted me to review them. I was delighted to review them on the blog as he already loves them so a taste test wouldn't be necessary! What I like about them is that they are a perfect size for an in-between meal snack, individually wrapped for easy transportation and they are full of healthy ingredients without any rubbish added in.

They did send me a multi-bag packet of their other new product, Munchy Biccies. The flavours they come in are cinnamon and oranges, cheese and apples or bananas. When I received the product through the post, it was the cinnamon and oranges one and I wasn't sure what JC would make of them because he isn't keen on cinnamon. I've tried to get him to eat cinnamon in his porridge and he won't touch it! I gave him a packet and he tried his best, he ate about 3 biscuits before admitting defeat. I gave the remaining packet to a friend whose child was less fussy about flavouring and her comment on them was that they must have been good as they didn't last long!

To give the product a fair test I went out and bought the banana one (as this would be the flavour I would buy for him normally). He loved them! He wasn't content to have one biscuit at a time. He had to have one in each hand and one in his mouth, whilst keeping a close eye on me to make sure I wasn't stealing any! I would recommend Ella's tasty snacks and I have nothing negative to say about them. Other than JC not loving the cinnamon flavour, the other products with different flavourings were a big hit. It's also comforting to know that these products are organic and are made with the best of ingredients for a healthy snack to feed your toddler.

This was a review post but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun to read! I received a free sample of the Munchy Biccies but all opinions are honest and are my own. 

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