Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Week in Pictures

It's been another busy old week. We made truffles and bagged them up in pretty bags to give to the Grans on Mother's Day.We played with the water (inside as it was wet outside). We went to the park a good few times when the weather was dry. He wasn't too keen on kicking the ball. He was fine with the kicking but didn't want to go run after the ball. JC has taken to wearing hats but only when he can wear them backwards. Luckily with baseball caps he just looks like he's really cool! Then there is my favourite photo of the week.

The bear in the buggy!

JC has been ill with a upset stomach this week and it's really taken it out of him (literally). He fell asleep in his buggy when we were out shopping. His head flopped forward and it looked like I had a bear in the buggy not a child. I was sitting in Sainsburys cafe when a woman came up to me and looked in the buggy. She said 'Oh it's real, I thought you might be one of those weirdos who pushes dolls and teddies around in a buggy!'.

Thanks to all the folk who suggested Picasa for my collage, so much easier and no annoying adverts!

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  1. Looks like you packed in lots again! 

  2. Get you making truffles in bags! :)  Sorry to hear JC was ill. Hope he feels better now xx

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  4. That's a perfect picture, took me a moment or two to work out where his head was! Have you tried Picnik (before they close on 19th) for collages? Thanks for linking up


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