Friday, 9 March 2012

First Friends - 69/366

It's lovely to watch JC develop his early friendships. I know from my own experiences when I was young that these friendships often stay with you throughout your life. Even if you no longer see that friend who was once so important to you, they still come into your mind from time to time and remain an important part of your make up. 

This is Callum, JC's only friend who is a boy (he does love the ladies!). I met Callum's mum at a Netmums meet up and we got on really well and starting meeting up out with the group. Even though I have now moved out of the area, we still make an effort to meet up every fortnight as it's good for us and good for the boys. They play really well together and it's nice to see how they recognise each other and get excited when they meet up. JC has started asking for Callum (Caley as he calls him) between meet ups and that's an indication that the relationship is important to him - very sweet. 

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