Monday, 9 January 2012

Mum Tums at the Ready

Just Kidding! 

My Guru, Liska, has started off the New Year with a new found enthusiasm for losing the weight and feeling great. She has inspired me to make a start.

I am not on a diet.

I am not starting a regime.

 If I do I know I will fail and end up here but heavier next year.

Instead, I have joined my local gym which offers loads of classes and I am going to go to the ones that I really enjoy, when I have time and because I actually want to go.  I have also started eating for health. I have planned menus which are based around foods I enjoy. I am practically eating my way through the My Daddy Cooks book by Nick Coffer. I love this book and most of the recipes are healthy and wholesome dishes. It's a fab book, buy it if you are looking for inspiration.

I am not counting syns or points or cheques because as soon as I do I end up feeling deprived and starving which leads to me binging on junk.

I am however, cutting out chocolate. More from a health perspective than a weight perspective. It makes me feel like crap when I eat it. Why am I continually treating my body like a bin?

I will be trying to lose weight, eventually, but I know that before I can start to concentrate on weight loss I need to make eating well 80% of the time and moving my arse 80% of the time, my goal. If I can incorporate these two things into my life, then the weight loss will be a side effect - hopefully.

What I do know is I don't want is to be sitting here typing this next year, fatter and more miserable. I am sick of thinking about it.

Link up with Liska if you want some motivation and support or just have a read so you know your not alone in fighting the flab!


  1. Super post - love it!
    And it is goood not to be on a regime!
    I lost my 4kg by accident and now the real battle is keeping it off on purpose :-)
    Thanks for joining in.
    Where DID I put My Daddy Cooks book?!?!?!?
    Liska xxxx

  2. Hi Claire - nice to meet you. I wish you luck on your Healthy Eating project. If you can do it this way then it must be the best way to go. Looking forward not reading this again next year :~)

  3. A really good attitude Claire and one that I'm sure will get you to where you want to be :)

  4. A fabulous goal Claire, 80% of the time is just perfect!  Looking forward to reading next weeks post.  Mich x


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