Saturday, 21 January 2012

I do have reasons to be cheerful - R2BC

I had a bit of a rough day yesterday and found it hard to muster up some cheerfulness but after a good nights sleep I am feeling more positive today. So better late than never . . .

1. I am losing weight. I told you it would happen and it is. I'm not dieting but I am eating better. I am feeling more confident that the weight will start to shift now that I am in control of what I'm eating. I have booked into classes at my gym next week and I am really looking forward to becoming active again. I haven't really managed any proper exercise since JC was born.

2. I am going out with one of my good friends tomorrow for Afternoon Tea. We don't see much of each other and we haven't had good quality 'chat time' in a while. There has been so much change in both our lives recently that I doubt there will be a second of silence. I am looking forward to catching up and of course enjoying the delicious tea and cakes (in moderation!).

3. JC is talking! He is starting to anyway. He is 17 months now and understands a lot of language, probably more than we realise but he is a little bit insecure about speaking out. He tends to whisper words under his breath or he does this strange ventriloquist thing by speaking with his mouth closed. Over the last week we were hearing a least a couple of new words a day. He was also singing Happy Birthday after hearing it being sung to a child at his childminders. I try not to get too hung up on stages of development as all children are different but I am happy that he is walking and now starting to talk. I guess if he is anything like his mum there will come a time that I wish he would be quiet!

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  1. Oooh enjoy your afternoon tea, am very jealous!!! x

  2. You're making me want to hook up with my old chums.  A very very very odd thing happened to me.  PND made/makes me lonely (VERY) and my response to it is to go to cafes - lots of them, often! and make friends with strangers, rather than make dates to hook up with mates, some of whom would love to see me, and even more so Aaron.  It's very odd behaviour but it's what I've been doing.
    I WILL hook up with a mate I promise!
    Liska xx

  3. I pushed away many of my friends in the early stages of PND and like you I made new friends who didn't know the 'old' so couldn't make comparisons. It has been lovely to meet up with more of my close friends lately as I'm starting to feel better. It has also made me realise that they accept me either way, they love me for who I am and that is very special. I hope you find the strength and courage to reconnect. I'll be praying for you tomorrow. X


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