Sunday, 5 June 2011

1/365 Clap a Handies

I have really neglected my blog recently due to illness and travelling and general laziness so I have decided to start a 365 project for myself to make sure that I make more of an effort. So here is my first post of 365 I will post over the next year.

JC is going through learning spurt at the moment. He isn't crawling and he isn't walking but he has a few words (mum, dadda, dog and ta), he can wave, find his eyes, ears, nose and mouth and this week he also started clapping his hands on command (well when he feels like it).

Here is a clip  . . .

He is much happier today now that he has recovered from his illness. He is sitting on the rug at the moment, surrounded by toys and showing them all to Ruby (like she cares!)

It's so nice to have him back to normal and cheerful again. This was his first real illness and I didn't handle it as well as he did, I was a nervous wreck! I am sure there are many more sick days to come and I can't protect him from every bug that comes along but knowing that doesn't make it easier.


  1. I love the picture and the video. I was a nervous wreck too when Aaron was sick. So glad that he is better xxx

  2. Love the pic with the dog!! LOL

  3. That's his body guard! Lol

  4. completely loving your dog!!! My auntie had a boxer when I was little and I used to lie and sleep on his tummy in front of the fire. My parents have the photo evidence. Makes me all nostalgic. xxx

  5. They are the most affectionate and loving dogs. A great breed for a young
    family as they are extremely fun loving and tolerant. I grew up with boxers
    too and I will always have a boxer in my house. x


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