Monday, 4 April 2011

Now That's What I Call Music . . .

When I was young I had a very varied music collection. I remembering getting my first CD player for Christmas when I was 10. Despite loving music, I was never really a Top of the Pops or chart follower. I listened to what my Mum liked or the CD's that my Uncle bought me to go with the CD player.

Kate Takes 5 has set a superb Listography challenge this week to list the first 5 albums that I owned. So here is my list . . .

*All images are taken from Amazon where the CD's featured are widely available

1. Johnny  Cash - I can't remember the exact CD but it was one that had 'A Boy Named Sue' on it. I loved singing that song and I used to have this album on repeat.

2. I also had a Motown CD, another genre of music I was partial to at the tender age of 10! Ok, so I didn't claim to be a normal 10 year old.

3. The first CD I bought with my own money and I only bought it because I thought it's what I 'should' be listening to! It didn't stick, I'm still not much of a pop lover!

4. I distinctly remember hearing 'Without You' when I was in Primary 7 and I thought that Mariah Carey had the most beautiful voice in the world. I also thought she was the Bees Knees as a person until she fell of that pedestal a few years later when I realised she was a total arse during an interview for GMTV.

5. This was the actual CD I listened to constantly during my early teens. It is the soundtrack to my youth! You can't beat some classic rock. I loved listening to Queen, Deep Purple and Rainbow. Rock is still my favourite genre of music for listening to, especially in the car.

Can you remember your first 5 albums?


  1. Ha ha - I think you should have stayed with your Mums collection! (Though who am I to laugh?). Excellent list - thanks for sharing. x

  2. I'll let you off with 4 of them but Mariah Carey....??? The loathing I have for that woman is untrue ;)

  3. Hi, I'm new to your blog. Following from Scottish Mums group on BMB. I had that Kylie album too. And the Jason one. *blush*

    Great idea for a post. Might just have to join in!

    Oh, and your wee man is so cute!


  5. I was never into Johnny Cash, but I watched the movie Walk the Line and was BLOWN away.

    Thanks for your wonderful comment. It's made my day :-)

    Was just reading up on Walk the Line again to remind myself:

    I'd love to participate in that meme but can I remember my first 5 albums...??? hmmmmmmm...

  6. You inspired me to participate and I did it too:


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