Monday, 7 March 2011

A Well Deserved Break

I took a blogging break last week and I think it has done me some good. I was getting a bit stuck in a rut and choosing to stay in and blog (during JC's naps) rather than getting myself ready to go out when he woke up. So last week I was really busy and was out and about all week. I have to say I feel much better and more eager to get out and about this week too. Here is a run down of what I got up to last week for those of you who have missed me . . .

Was pretty relaxed and we mostly got our housework done in the morning (JC was a great help)
Then we went for a walk in the afternoon with the beasts.


Without fail, the busiest day of the week! We got the train through to Edinburgh in the morning as I had an appointment with the CrossReach PND clinic in Haymarket. I am going to be doing some fundraising for them in the near future so watch this space. JC spent some time in their crèche, which was a first for him but he absolutely loved it!  Then we got the train back to Larbert and we met up with our local Netmums group for the first time. The girls were all really nice and friendly and I am looking forward to our next catch up. Then we went through to Linlithgow for JC's swimming lesson. The great thing was that he was an angel all day!


We went down to Fife to visit my Mother in law (JC's Gran) and JC's great Gran was there too. We had a lovely day and John was in a fab mood.

courtesy of photos by Carolyn

We went into Stirling today to do some shopping and just a mooch around the shops. At night I went back to my band rehearsals for the first time since stopping to have wee JC. A few minutes after I walked in I was told that the band is disbanding after the New Year and that we will be going our separate ways. This was pretty upsetting as it more of a hobby for me than a second job. I won't be stopping though. Never fear though because Fee and I have plans in place for 2012 so watch this space!


I don't go back to work until August and I am hoping to go back part time but I am already starting to explore my childcare options. I have had my name down for a nursery from August last year but there is a 18 month waiting list so I went to visit a local childminder. She seems really nice and I felt quite confident that we would be happy leaving JC in her care. So Scuba Steve and I are going back together for a second visit next week.


World Book Night!!! I was chosen to be a World Book Night giver and I spent the afternoon holding an afternoon tea, cakes and book swapping event at my house. The book that I was chosen to give out was Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche. It is a wonderful and beautifully written book about the the civil war in Nigeria from the personal perspective of three different characters. I read this book when I was stuck in Czech Republic last year during the 'volcanic ash chaos'. It really is a gripping and thought provoking read. Thanks to my Step Dad Big Gallot for his donation of brownies!

Very drunk here, BJC (Before JC)

I left JC in the very capable care of my husband and I went to Ravelstone House Hotel in Musselburgh with my good friend Jemma. We had afternoon tea with very tasty cakes and a good catch up. We haven't really had a good catch up since JC was born as it's pretty difficult to have adult conversation when he is in the room, he is far too cute to ignore! It was a lovely day.

I am exhausted after such an action packed week but I think the break was positive for me and I think I have a better perspective on things now. It's good to be back though ;)



  1. Yesterday was such a lovely afternoon!! Our Mini Therapy Session was a long time coming but it was really helpful! :) Thanks for your perspective!! :)
    (Keep up the good work Lovely!!)
    Miss you lots XX

    P.S When was that photo taken?!

  2. Yaye! You're back! I need to update your blog name on my blogger dashboard as I keep losing you. Will do that now.

    Looks like you had a lovely week - go you for breaking away from the blogging. I've got my daughters 2nd birthday on Friday and I'm trying to get organised pre-writing blog posts so can just click 'publish' haha. Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and just leave it for a while.


  3. Jem - I don't remember when this photo was taken! My hair is brown by the looks of it so I would guess about 4 years ago!

    SAHMlovingit - thanks, good to know that someone is looking out for my posts lol! Hope your daughter has a lovely day on Friday!

  4. That's the pattern I have fallen into, but back at work on 5th April :-( so REALLY need to enjoy these last few weeks especially now that the sun's out.
    Don't worry, your little man will crawl soon. I'm not in any rush as I know he'll run me ragged :-)
    Liska x

  5. Yesterday was such a lovely afternoon!! Our Mini Therapy Session was a long time coming but it was really helpful! :) Thanks for your perspective!! :)
    (Keep up the good work Lovely!!)
    Miss you lots XX

    P.S When was that photo taken?!


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