Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Random Act of Kindness

I have decided to update my blog with this theme every Tuesday. The task is to perform a random act of kindness for someone and to be aware of people being kind to you. So, here is mine and feel free to link up and join in!

1. A man came to my door today to deliver a parcel, it was a DHL van and he often delivers things to me. I noticed this morning that I still had a box of chocolates leftover from Christmas. So when I saw him coming to my door, I grabbed the box and went to the door with it. I signed for my parcel and I handed him the chocolates. He looked perplexed and viewed me with suspicion (isn't it funny how we don't trust anyone anymore!). I told him that I had them leftover and that he always delivers parcels to me, even in bad weather, so I wanted him to have them as a wee thank you.

"I get paid to deliver them to you, I'm not doing it out of kindness" he said.

I replied "I know, but you don't get paid to smile and be nice when you come to my door but you always do."

He took the chocolates with a smile all over his face and off he went back to his van. I hope that I made his day today! I just hope he doesn't expect chocolates with every delivery! lol

As for kindness towards me, I have received some lovely emails and phone calls from my friends over the weekend. It is lovely to know that you are all here to support me and that I can call on you whenever I need you. Thanks!

Over and Out!
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