Thursday, 20 January 2011

Confident Carnivore

Thought we would be adventurous tonight and try some steak. We were having steak tacos for tea and I offered John a piece of steak. He had a good sook on it and took all of the flavouring (cumin and paprika) of it. He also tried a yellow pepper, although he preferred the steak!

He also wolfed down his soup, bread, peach and finished with some strawberry yoghurt. He has been a wee hungry boy today. He seems to be communicating so well with us when he is eating at the table. His grunts and noises tell us when he has had enough, wants more or wants a drink. It's lovely to see him developing each mealtime. He can now reach further forward to help himself.

He is now grabbing both feet, nearly rolling over . . .

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